Banking and Finance

STN GLOBAL EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT LTD  has a specialist banking and finance team of international  advocates and business  consultants dedicated to servicing the increasingly complex and time-critical requirements of international financing transactions.

Our team is at the cutting edge of technical innovation in the field and fully abreast of developments in banking and finance law in London and globally, offering clients a shared depth and breadth of expertise that is only achievable through a focussed strategy of specialisation, given the complexity of modern banking and finance law.
Our banking and finance team is by far the largest among management  firms in London, enabling our clients to benefit from the highest quality of specialised advice on the UK law aspects of loan and security transactions, whether cross-border or domestic, given promptly, efficiently and clearly.

STN GLOBAL EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT LTD   represents lenders, arrangers and facility agents (on single-lender and syndicated, secured and unsecured loans) as well as borrowers, guarantors and security providers. All clients of STN GLOBAL EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT LTD  benefit from our world-class resources, the unrivalled breadth of expertise and experience of our consultants and the international reputation of our firm.

We take pride that market-leading international businesses and organisations entrust us with their most important banking and finance affairs, which often include business-critical issues. Our clients include most of the leading UK  banks and financial institutions as well as a majority of the leading international commercial banks, investment banks and financial institutions as well as private equity funds, hedge funds and other asset managers. We have been involved in the lion's share of major loan and security transactions involving UK in recent years.

STN GLOBAL EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT LTD  is recognised by all the leading independent research organisations in this area.

STN GLOBAL EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT LTD's banking and finance team has unrivalled experience in helping clients to navigate the UK legal system across the whole spectrum of banking and finance transactions including:

  • domestic and cross-border loan and security transactions;
  • loan documentation for single-lender and syndicated loans;
  • security documentation including charges over assets and undertakings of companies, debentures, pledges of share certificates, security assignments of rights etc.;
  • restructuring of existing loans and collateral;
  • refinancing of existing debts;
  • project finance and asset finance;
  • financing of international trade, including letters of credit, negotiable instruments and related matters;
  • construction and project financing;
  • finance leasing;
  • indemnities and guarantees;
  • aviation finance and aviation leasing;
  • securities law compliance;
  • compliance with perfection requirements and registrations of charges;
  • legal opinions and legal due diligence exercises.