The Firm

Welcome to STN GLOBAL EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT LTD, a UK  based firm, extending its activities to a variety of business management and business cosulting spheres. The extent of our potential lies within the highly qualified people we employ, facilitating high level of support to local and cross border activities encompassing a multijurisdictional clientele.

We excel in the provision of consultancy services and provide advice on all matters relating to onshore and International Business Companies. With our wide expertise we are able to offer quick and efficient services through the excellent associations with accounting and law firms, as well as banking institutions both locally and abroad.

We provide continuous attention to entities wishing to receive top level management support. We deliver solutions on all matters ranging from company registrations in various jurisdictions, company acquisition, corporate and secretarial services, corportae finance, accounting and banking administration, auditing, legal consulting as well as real estate investment solutions, financial management, tax compliance and minimization. In this sense we are able to integrate the financial needs of our clients in a coordinated and customized manner, all in competitive prices.

Commitment to Excellence

We pride ourselves on our extensive and expanding client base ranging from private individuals through a variety of corporate entities to multinational organisations, but we recognise that each of our clients is unique with particular business concerns. We exercise a personal commitment to all of them, to understand their objectives rapidly and effectively and to expedite solutions by means of clear and practical business advice and action. Our team working with us  are all specialists in their own right who call on the expertise of their associates in the firm when the client`s interests involve more than one area of the business management. The application of professional excellence by all our expert team  and cross-utilisation of specialist skills as and when appropriate result in the production of a comprehensive business package, tailored to the specific circumstances of each client.


The majority of our 125 lawyers and 17 tax consultants and 350 associates  are based around the globe . The firm operates on a departmental basis, covering all aspects of the business.

Our offices

Apart from the full range of business services offered by our London office, extensive facilities are provided by our our overseas offices in New York, Moscow, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Munich, Stuttgart, Singapore, Zurich, Geneve, Nicosia and  Athens. Each office is fully staffed by local lawyers and business consultants  who advise a wide range of clients engaged in commerce and investment, such as governments, government agencies, companies and individuals, on numerous legal and business  matters, including all aspects of corporate and commercial law, international financial transactions, project financing, banking law, joint ventures, agency arrangements, construction and engineering contracts, energy law and shipping and admiralty law.

Around the Globe

Furthermore, through our extensive network of correspondent and associate offices around the world, which includes permanent representation arrangements in , New York, Moscow,  Zurich, Dubai, Abu Dhabi ,Kuwait, Munich, Stuttgart,Singapore, Geneve,Nicosia and  Athens,  we are able to offer both business and  legal advice in every part of the world when necessary. Through consistent striving for greater proficiency to meet and service the needs of our clients, we are equipped with the knowledge, dynamism and confidence to face the challenges that lie ahead.