Use of the internet as a method of carrying out e-commerce activities is widespread in London and an increasing number of people and businesses are coming to appreciate the benefits of using UK, a bridge between Europe and the Middle East, as a basis for establishing local and international business companies (formerly known as offshore and onshore- European  companies) for the purposes of carrying out such activities. As a big and only truly departmentalised UK  management and consulting  firm, STN GLOBAL EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT LTD   can offer advice and assistance on everything needed to establish and maintain an e-business in UK, in EUROPE or globally from regulatory advice to data protection.

The consultants in our e-business consulting  team specialise in all areas of UK business consulting which are relevant to e-business such as IT aspects of all practice areas, cryptography, electronic signatures, regulation of electronic payments, data protection and security, direct marketing and intellectual property as well as consumer protection issues including the sale of goods, unfair contract terms in consumer contracts, unfair trade practices, product safety and liability, consumer warranties, long distance contracts, and rights and obligations under electronic contracts.